Prints & things

bradford factory brick collage riso print mercedes leon illustration

Love Bradford But
A4 2 colour Riso Print

keep palm tree prints paradise merchesico illustration framed print

Keep Palm / Palm Tree, from Prints From Paradise
A4 2 colour Riso Print



bradford saltaire riso print mercedes leon merchesico


Saltaire Shipley Bradford BD17, 3 colour A3 Riso Print


antisocial gin flowers vase merchesico illustration tshirt


antisocial greetings humour merchesico illustration gin flowers

Anti Social Greetings
Artist Print Folded Card, Set of 4


SUCCESS IS SERVED COLD card print mercedes leon merchesico drawings

Success is a dish served cold
15 x 15 cm card, 300grs paper w/envelope





ABC of Freelancers
A to Z contacts agenda, A5 digital prints and ringbinder

London Family Portrait
8 digital A6 prints

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