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Women in literature: Gloria Fuertes

April 27, 2019

gloria fuertes prensa violeta dia visibilidad lesbica women illustration merchesico mercedes leon morado

To make a little contribution to the day of Lesbian Visibility, I did an illustration of the much loved spanish writer Gloria Fuertes for the magazine La Prensa Violeta (Gijón)

United against climate change

April 16, 2019

rainbow bird world earth climate chage illustration education mercedes leon merchesicoSunset in the Park (United Against Climate Change), 2018
Mural illustration to support and contribute to the world-wide campaign, driven by younger generations, demanding a change in how governments and corporations are addressing our impact on the enviroment and fighitng the climate change. Extinction Rebellion! Please vote for the Green Party on the next election (upcoming one is May the 2nd, day after Worker’s Day – make your voice heard!)

Women’s Day

March 8, 2019

Extra vagancia merchesico

Laying Idle (Extra Vagancia) Digital illustration for the International Women’s Day 2019

Love is in today

February 14, 2019

Love is in today, 2019

Happy Valentine’s everyone (always nice to celebrate love, even at work) It’s late, but just to keep the momentum going x

Anti Social stationery

January 26, 2019

Antisocial Stationery & Greetings, 2018-19

Hey there! Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been trying to draw on the ipad (and yes, on the iphone) in yet another attempt to finally say the kind of thing I want to say. If you know what I mean

So bossy Antisocial Greeting Funny Artist Notecard Print

Antisocial Stationery & Greetings, 2018-19 is a series (yes, long-postponed New Year resolutions) of anti social, radically candid and honest messages -or sometimes just a statement, in the form of greetings / small artist notecards and prints. An expanding collection of (not) funny monochrome line illustrations, mostly in black and white, currently sold as a limited edition of artist prints on my Etsy shop and (Will add some little notebooks soon and screen printed t-shirts upon request! Should talk to the ladies at Studio Print Press cos they’re local and proper nice… oh and I’ll make them into a calendar)

I’m quite determined to post weekly on instagram, so if you’re on it just follow and share the love to the ones you care about @merchesico #antisocialgreetings



Anti Social Greetings Collection Box

Antisocial Stationery set of 8 blank artist notecards / small postcard prints to keep, send away or frame. Comes in a beautiful box and it's a limited artist edition – only 250 of them will be printed. Includes P&P




A6 Postcard

A6 small notecard / A5 postcard size print on 300grsm paper, comes with an envelope and it's blank inside, ready to send or frame


No No Notes A6 Notepad

A6 pocket notebook made in UK - includes P&P


Flowers & Gin Antisocial Tshirt

One colour print 100% cotton t-shirt – please remember state size and other specs on your order. Includes P&P



New prints for a new year

January 1, 2019

Tulip Bowl Crayon, 2018 from the series Prints from Paradise. Digital illustration for art print – available on Etsy

All I want for Christmas…

December 14, 2018

santa christmas present greetings mercedes leon illustration

Merry Christmas folks! Wish you a nice time off if you can afford, and a good start to the new year. And just remember – don’t always need to spend a lotta money to make somebody’s day.
Santa’s got something for you (and it ain’t socks), 2018