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All hands-on decks!

December 4, 2018

All handsome decks happy christmas retro fun illustration icons mercedes leon

Getting ready for Christmas or the New Year? Here’s 10% off everything on Merchesico Etsy shop – until 31st Dec

A Walk around Brockley

December 3, 2018

a walk around brockley merchesico mercedes leon illustration place in print

Why not take a pleasant exploratory walk around lovely, gorgeous Brockley in South London? This hand drawn illustrated map has all the main landmarks loved by locals and visitors alike – it’s available as a 30x40cm glicee print, framed or unframed, at Place in Print.

Ha Ha Happy

October 10, 2018

This summer I worked on a really cool range of +20 funny greetings cards, called Ha Ha Happy by Merchesico for Moonpig – now available online & with personalise options.

Smarty Pants, Congratulations Card
I believe in You and Nessie, Thinking of you greetings
Happy Birthday With Bells On
– see full range at

moonpig web greetings cards range fun ha ha happy merchesico

Let’s take a walk around Ludlow

September 2, 2018

Walk Around Ludlow print PiP_mercedes leon merchesico illustration

A Walk around Ludlow, 2018 Digital illustration – available as 30x40cm print on archival paper. Only at Place in Print (framed options available!)

You Are Here (Planet Heart)

March 17, 2018

you are here heart planet earth moving merchesico illustration

Hey, where are you?
You Are Here (Planet Heart), 2018

Let’s take A Walk Around Catford

March 9, 2018

WalkAroundCatford_mercedes leon merchesico illustration place in print

One of the latest additions to A Walk Around South London series is Catford!
You can order print here or have a look at the full collection at Place in Print’s website.
2017 (c) Mercedes Leon

Women Who Draw

March 5, 2018

women who draw merchesico wink red body sat square art illustration

Thanks to Women Who Draw –  very proud to be included in their directory of female* illustrators from all over the world! This is my submission / WWD Mercedes Leon
Red gal sitting with black cloud head and pencil in hand
Self portrait digital illustration (2018)