Friday Late at V&A

London’s museums are thriving. Our last discovery was the ‘Night at the museum’, which is an event at the Victoria and Albert Museum. They open the last friday of each month, from 6 to 9 pm. At the entrance hall there was a set of DJs and a screen with visuals. Walking inside, there are free (and crowded) workshops like screenprint, bookbinding, comic… but also the whole museum is open for visitors -you can walk around and draw your favourite pieces, as many students do. If it was not enough, wine is served all around (4-pound glasses, you know), the shop is open (of course) and the dinning area is full of people eating the V&A’s menus (18 pound, and smells like your school’s). There’s lot of arty’n’cool people of all ages, so the visit worths.

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