After show: London Family Portrait

London Family Portrait
Ink and digital colour
Glicée print, 405 x 405 mm

Back home, my masterwork and I have a moment of silent dialogue, each one accepting the fact that the future and fate of each other will be inextricably linked for ever. Oh yes, we will wait with patience until the day when we’ll became rich and famous. Meanwile, the sleep of the righteous. Thanks to my cosita, who always loves and supports me and my creatures, and my wonderful family, that still inspires me.

(I know all you are smart and sharp observers, but just for the ones that do not read the Evening Standard this is the list of characters depicted, from left to right wing and from the top to the bottom cheeks: Boris Johnson, Major of London; Margaret Tatcher, the Iron Lady; Charles Dickens, the victorian writer; Damien Hirst, the not-so-young british artist; the Windsor’s Royal Family with Camilla Parker-Bowles, prince Charles ex-Diana’s, the Mother Queen Elizabeth, William and Kate; David Cameron, the Prime Minister; Mary Portas, the queen of shops; the Saatchi & Saatchi brothers, who rule the world; and Amy Winehouse’s dad, a former cabbie.)

*(Boris and Charles are my favourites)

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