London Sketchbook: St Jame’s Park

A sunny afternoon (maybe evening) having a rest at St Jame’s Park, Westminster. The green was sparkeld with yellow dandellions and people sitting on the grass. There’s a man making yoga exercises. Squirrels and pigeons fight for the attention of the photographers. People enjoy strolling up and down the promenade.


  1. We have come back to have a proper look after your discovering your blog. This is definitely our favourite image. We are very influenced by the illustrators of the 1950’s in our own work and there is something in the minimilist style that has resonances of illustration of that period. But your work is highly original (in our humble opinion!). Anyway love it, all of it!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and for taking your time to have a look on my humble stuff. It really makes me happy you’ve liked it, and I’ll take your advice in account for my final project. Hope we keep in contact! 🙂

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