1. this is such a good idea! your drawings are lovely, and what you shared can help save the earth! 😀 it is definitely a great project for papers that are no longer needed.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be very proud if this can contribute a little to give value to all that rubbish, cardy, lovely stuff around us 😀 at least it has help me to produce without investing –and cleaning a little my messy tables. I even think that if you’re serious doing that, in 3 years you’ll have an amazing piece of personal archaeology. I’d love to see yours!

  2. I am appliqueing 5 x 7 journal covers for Christmas gifts this year. Two of the journals I need 5 x 7 UNlined paper, which is impossible to find or extremely expensive. I am going to use your wonderful idea. I will use the 5 x 7 notebooks I already bought, but I think I’ll make an extra for each with ones I’ve made following this. Cheers!!

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