New all-london walking map & sketchbook

Well, this is a mental map of London featuring the areas I know so far. Linked places can be reached by a short walk! I have added walking times later, to show how close are some places from the others. What a great day for a bowl of chalk! (wich means walk, in cockney slang)

Thanks to my mom, who in february (!) gave me this lovely kraft sketchbook –it took me a lot of time to start it… but I’ve done it!
(the cover was plain, here I show how I customized it. if you want one, she bought it in Paperchase and costed 3.50)


  1. If you made this into a poster, I would buy it! 😀 Not a super expensive print though, because unlike the folks in the top left corner of your map, us in the bottom right corner can’t afford such things :p Fab work!

    1. (LoL) cheers, winlosey! very nice comment! as a bottom-right fella, I’m going to make it! (do you think it’s ok with walking times, or you’d prefer without?) and as soon as I have it, I’ll let you know 😀

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