Walk area maps: Brick Lane & Shoreditch


This is a map in progress of the cool east side of London, Brick Lane and Shoreditch area. The intention is to make a very practical map for walkers, not for drivers. It will probably feature ALL the streets, regardless how small or dark they might be. You never know what you’ll find, especially if you drive yourself away from your well-known or daily itinerary… Also it will have some tips on the back side of the print, and of course plenty of space for your notes and collages. But I’m still trying to decide whether to include some extra elements like railway arches (most have interesting pieces of street art) or bus stops, or if I should include a list of interesting streets or shops, or even sarcastics comments on the area. What do you think? What would you like to see on the map? What do you hate of maps?


  1. I think some interesting comments on stuff you’ve found or done or bought would be great on the map – anything quirky and funny! I quite like a bit of autobiography I think 🙂 And I think maps for walkers are a great idea.

    1. thanks sooo much luiza! (very useful information, hehe) and also thanks for your offer in proofrading –you’re not the first person who tells me about that, so I’m going to think about it, and if I make something ‘seriously’ (real publishing, I mean) it’ll be great to ask you for collaboration… 😀

  2. I think…. if you use sarcasm can make things fun for native
    but it can complicate a little for tourists

    I do not know what the audience that you want

    if the map for walkers, you need to include bus stop.
    comments about pubs, shopping and where to find a good sandwich.
    I’d love to find a map like this.
    this is my opinion

    P. S.
    I lost my wallet in Altab Ali Park
    my oyster, my driver’s license and my credit card
    one that is on whitechapel road corner with a white church lane
    if someone find,
    give me a call
    please 🙂

    1. Thanks soo much for your comment, you’ve answered almost ALL my questions 😀 I’ll try to make it happen. And I’m so sorry for your lost wallet! Altab Ali is kind of a strange place, it’s so newly refurbished and owes its name to a murdered young boy… good luck with that, hope someone can help you.
      PS. Do you live in London? I’ve send you a ‘solicitud de amistad’ on Facebook. Thanks also for your like in Merge Studio–it’s little abandoned, or never-finished, but I’ll try to update it.

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