High Street wrapping paper

Hi! Following my instinct and my recent pattern-making fever, here it is the latest design for wrapping paper (or wallpaper, or maybe some kid’s linen, who knows). Drawings were made with the same new markers of the pop-up cards. This design features typical elements from any London’s high street: bus stop, post office, betting, fried chicken, jobcentreplus, nhs walk-in centre, phone box, mail box, groceries and off licence. Hope you like it!


  1. Turn them into Christmas (or birthday or anything) wrapping paper will be great. People would love special wrapping papers for Christmas. You’ll even impress Paperchase.

    Turn your images to picture books about London to kids (and adults). It’s never too late for London 2012.

    I’m looking forward to Merge’s papercraft store in town very soon.

    1. hi Janet! I’m preparing them for my final MA show which will take place the first week of September. I’ll probably make A2 prints with nice matte paper, to get the look of those wrapping sheets they sell at paperchase and liberty. once done that, I’ll put them on the portfolio and start knocking the doors! And –you’re quick and clever– I’m working in a book with all drawings and roughs made about london… but I really don’t know if the olympics are going to increase my sales… 😦 (I still have to finish the design, then print and then take them to bookshops and galleries… I blame all this amout of work!) so if you have any other idea or advice to sort this quicker just tell me 😀

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