Olympics Stratford Map

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to see the Stratford Olympic Village. He works in a mexican restaurant at Westfield’s food court. He had told me some weeks ago how someone stabbed to death a guy in front of Hugo Boss shop. But I went with him to see how things are now there, with all the olympic buzz. I had been there before, in february. But this time was different. It was almost sunny, and there were a lot of people and security staff. From the overground, what I had appreciated was only the mastodontic Westfield, the crazy torch structure, the stadium on works and wasteland with scattered skyscrapers. This time we also crossed Great Eastern Road, the division between how is really Stratford and the Olympic dream. We went through the old shopping centre and arrived opposite the Old Town Hall and the church. It worths a visit, from a sociologic point of view.
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