Why don’t you make a comic?

–Hahaha… Why don’t you make a comic? / –There’s nothing I want more, I’m telling you… / –However, you must know the following…

–It’s A LOT of hard work… but not only that / –1st you must know what the fuck you want to do / –Every story has a joint and an end / –You must have SOMETHING to say –You don’t have the right to remain silent

–But I’m here to speak about my book –The book I’ll never end, even if it’s just a comic. –As I was saying… / –2nd: apart from a good story, you must be stylish

–… and make it last from the beggining till the end. –It’s also very convenient no to be too obscene… / –despite the pleasure you get when drawing the NATURAL

–Also you cannot be corny, nor pretentious or bucholic, nor manga or pusillanimous… / –One has to be deep as Kafka

–Believe me if I say I am that, but still it’s not enough… /–You see? your comic-life-line is broken / 4th: you have to be constant, perseverant, spoil your eyes and your back, and forget about your sexual life.

–You’ll wear googles in a year / –Like the young Frankenstein will be your back / –I have headache / Flaccid bottom / –For just a fiver… I wouldn’t recommend it.



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