A visit to Salts Mill

a visit to salts mill saltaire merchesico journala visit to salts mill hockneys bigger picture merchesico sketchbook

I loved this place. Very very nice. Lots of wonderful things, a place to loose your time pleasantly and also get inspired. I miss it a lot, especially on Sundays. Ah, and I must say that David Hockney is a truly interesting artist –I particularly like his loose drawings and his posters for theatre spectacles. A must, definitively.



    1. OMG! thanks-so-much! 😀
      To be honest, it makes me utterly happy –but at the same time (sigh) confronts me with the task of making some brilliant nominations half good the ones you’ve done… nothing good comes without pain, I learnt today (it was a sentence about enjoying a curry meal) So, thanks for the challenge!

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