A Walk around Camberwell

I recently had the pleasure to work on this new map for Place in Print – Camberwell is where I did my masters in Illustration back in 2011, so I’m really fond of the place, and it has brought me back lots of nice memories from those college days.

This map showcases a bunch of popular landmarks and buildings, and some community hotspots too. From the South London Gallery to Camberwell Green, I am hoping to have managed to capture most of the places that make this such a lovely and lively area of London, that I hope will resist gentrification and retain its character and charm.

I also enjoy working on these illustrated maps because you get to discover some of the hidden stories and history of the area – I was particularly impressed when I read about the Blitz bombings in what’s today Burgess Park, so I also hope this piece can become an invitation to discover and explore the area in more depth.

You can get it from Place in Print –it’ll make a nice gift for any city dwellers or Camberwell alumni out there!

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