My wall

Now let’s relax for a while. This is how it looks my postcard wall nowadays. Just to share it with you: it allows me not to throw away that lovely printed bits found wherever, it inspires me, it makes me feel I am at home, it is my daily horizon, my own little piece of London, together with my window views (which is already featured on a post, I think). This is, then, a humble tribute to all anonymous designers that have contributed to make my wall mine.


    1. Oh Janet you always surprise me for the best!!! That IS my favourite one… and the oldest, as I pick it up when I first came to London for holidays… you’ve touched my softer inside 🙂

      1. bingo for the lady! I’m hiding behind our pintoresque major… and that’s fun –usually one’s thought is that I am a guy instead of a girl. I still find difficult to cartoonize myself. PS: And I love to read England through your words!

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