Stickers for a lovely home I

This is a prototype for a collection of useful stickers. Ideal for flatsharers and alikes. Later I will show them in context. Believe me, this improves the levels of comprenhension and responsability, avoiding arguments and other bittersweet domestic experiences. This goes to my lovely flatmates. And all started with a whiteboard marker and notes like this (see pics below)

But, you know, when you write with that marker on tiles is easy to erase, and the initial message of PICK UP YOUR HAIRS developed into LICK YOUR HAIRS and stuff like that. Which is fun, but less effective. Anyway, I recommend this kind of communication using the walls, notes and tiles. It’s cool. I like it because it reminds me when I was at high school and we wrote funny notes and messages in the toilets.
PS. I also recommend you to check out CHISPUM, a spanish brand for decorative vynils, which is always a source of inspiration and features designs of my favourite artists, like Javi Royo and Juanjo Sáez.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. And yes, I think I can sell them –I still have to produce them, but that’s my intention! (I’d love to pass them to a company and just sit down and wait for royalties, but while I wait for that I’ll do it myself)

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