On Women’s Day / March the 8th

Laying in my sofa today. I always say I’m not gonna lie… but for me today it should be a day to campaign – so let’s put your feet or your hand up!

What I want is to see women being freely themselves, whatever they choose to be; feeling confident about their abilities, futures and value – feeling supported and encouraged, and feeling good about their lives and their bodies.

It’s not an easy task, as we keep seeing nasty and often subtle examples of role & gender stereotyping, but I believe if each of us do our bit to stop that spreading, we could get rid of the entrenched inequality, negative assumptions and punishment inflicted upon women for centuries. Silence here becomes violence too. But becoming part of the change makes for an exciting way to live, learn, and help other women and girls love themselves and enjoy their lives. There’s no need to give to charity or to sign up to anything – just support genuinely and directly the girls and women that are around you. (And if you need more arguments, you can watch or read John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, or We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for example)

Even the way we talk to ourselves matters – the words we use sometimes to rate, to push down, to neglect – we could choose instead words to encourage, to lift our mood, to shift or change our perceptions. Being able to be kind with others maybe starts with you being kind to yourself.

On Women’s Day / Online campaign / Be kind to yourself
(2021) iPad digital illustration

I recommend you head over to Women Who Draw – a non for profit platform that’s a feast for the eyes, showcasing the breath and power of women with a sketchbook in hand. Or if you’re getting political and are more into action, I’d suggest supporting the NHS workers on their pledge for a long-awaited-and-more-than-deserved fair pay rise. Joining a union or your professional association is a great place to start too.

Working lasses, women that keep the world running, you kind lads, all the ones in between and all the ones who campaign – thanks for filling our present with the gift of hope and the possibility of building the future we want together. Let’s keep going!

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