It’s Sparkling Wine Time

After a long week, marked by the protests for Sarah here in UK, and after what’s been a tough year in general, I think we all deserve a break.

So yes, it’s Sparkling Wine time and I’m going to pop a bottle and raise a glass first for the mothers – who may have celebrated their day last Sunday (at least here in England – although I know in Spain is the first Sunday of May, because that’s when I ring mine)

Then I’ll raise my glass for working women in general, and not only because it was Women’s Day recently… so I’ll have to raise yet another one in particular for the women who’ve worked together to bring this beauty of a book to the shelves!

Sparkling Wine Any Time (Abrams, 2021) is a book with an all women’s team behind – written by Katherine Cole, designed and typeset by Sebit Min, with me illustrations, and direction & coordination from the ladies at Abrams – Laura & Darilyn. Then my knowledge of who’s involved in production and printing is sadly lost… but anyway, any time – thank you lot!

Sparkling Wine Any Time, written by author Katherine Cole, is, as the title suggests, an entertaining and detailed account of sparkling winemaking through history, covering ancient times and modern ways – but it also takes you on this all-around-the-world travels to show & stop you at many countries and regions who make different sparkling wines – and have them in many more different ways, ocassions & meals.

In this book we only covered grapes, in wine form, paired with foods. I mean rice and other wines aren’t captured. And what I really mean, is that it’s always good to pair your drink with some food. But what I’ve managed to grasp after this ongoing journey is that what we all have in common, south & north, east & west, is that we all go fizzy for some bubbles – so I’d say, cheers to that too!

Women with glasses of sparkling, talking and having fun around the table (illustration detail)

PS. This perfectly giftable, hardcover book is a conversation starter and it’s available to buy at most bookshops & online, but maybe worth checking with your local bookstore first – if they don’t have it, then go for it. I saw I could get it through my local WHS Smith. Or if you fancy social media, follow their account on Instagram @sparklingwineanytime for extra bits & updates!

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